Install AWX withouth containers?

Is there a way to install AWX without using containers? We do not use containers in our environment and I have very little knowledge of them. This is proving to make management difficult.

Thank you.

If you try really hard, you can probably make install AWX 17 or older’s various components directly to a single host or handful of hosts. (Tasks, Web, Redis and Postgres)

Unfortunately after that, you must use containers. Even if you don’t want to use kubernetes, I don’t think you can get around the functional requirement of Execution Environments, which are strictly container based.

Edit: Getting around the EE requirement would probably require creating a static receptor mesh where all of your execution takes place on control nodes in the control plane (instance group), while all other instance groups would be functionally innert without real EE’s.

Thank you for your assistance. I may have to re-evaluate.

AWX only have the docker-compose development environment and the Kubernetes base deployment.

However Ansible Automation Controller does support RPM based deployment on VM

try it out~