Import_tasks results in fatal error: "shared connection closed"

A group of tasks is used twice in a play, therefore they are placed in a separate file and invoked using ‘import_tasks’. However, the result is, in all variations I’ve tried:

TASK [linux-common : Include Xymon client configuration tasks] *************************************
fatal: [kapitein]: FAILED! => {"changed": false, "module_stderr": "Shared connection to closed.\r\n", "module_stdout": "", "msg": "MODULE FAILURE\nSee stdout/stderr for the exact error", "rc": 0}

There are no problems with the (SSH) connection. The ansible server is running on Linux Mint 20.1, ansible version 2.9.6, python version 3.8.10. The playbook is:

- name: Jardinera configuration
  hosts: Linux
  - { role: linux-locale,        when: "'Linux'       in group_names" }
  - { role: raspberry-pi-common, when: "'RaspberryPi' in group_names" }
  - { role: vision-common,       when: "'Vision'      in group_names" }
  - { role: linux-common,        when: "'Linux'       in group_names" }
  - { role: linux-zram,          when: "'Linux'       in group_names" }
  - { role: jardinera-common,    when: "'Linux'       in group_names" }

 - import_playbook: playbook.kapitein.yaml
 - import_playbook: playbook.plant0.yaml

The import_tasks is located in role linux-common. The relevant part of the tasks file in this role is:

- name: Include Xymon client configuration tasks
    file: "~/ansible/{{ jardinera_path }}tasks.xymon.client.yaml"
  when: "'XymonProxy' in group_names or 'XymonServer' in group_names"

with variable ‘jardinera_path’ containing “jardinera/”. The start of file ‘tasks.xymon.client.yaml’ is:

- name: Add user xymon to groups adm and video
    name: xymon
    groups: adm,video
    append: true
  when: "'Xymon' in group_names"

If the contents of file `tasks.xymon.client.yaml’ is included in the tasks section of the role, it just works.
What am I doing wrong?

import_tasks doesn’t works across roles, you need to user the import role module, for example:

- name: Include Xymon client configuration tasks from the linux-common role
    name: linux-common
    tasks_from: "~/ansible/{{ jardinera_path }}tasks.xymon.client.yaml"
  when: ( "XymonProxy" in group_names ) or ( "XymonServer" in group_names )

Thanks, that was something I did not find in the documentation. The tasks file is therefore moved to sub-directory …/roles/linux-common/tasks/ and the absolute path-name is changed to be only the file-name. This moves the tasks file into the same role, which is also shown in URL However, running the play results in the same error.

Then the syntax was adjusted to match the aforementioned URL, and after changing

    file: tasks.xymon.client.yaml


  import_tasks: tasks.xymon.client.yaml

it works. I do not know why removing ‘syntactic sugar’ makes it work.

Perhaps you might be better off using the include_tasks module, the difference between import and include might be the issue here?

See the documentation on re-using files and roles.

Using ‘include_tasks’ i.s.o. ‘import_tasks’ with the extended syntax does result in the original fatal error: “shared connection closed”. Using ‘include_tasks’ i.s.o. ‘import_tasks’ with the minimal syntax works.

I’ve tried ‘include_taks’ earlier, without any difference. In my use case the major difference between ‘include_tasks’ and ‘import_tasks’ is when the when-clause is evaluated.

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