How to install Ansible AWX on a local host

Good afternoon, friends!
I’m starting to work with ansible, I ask for your help, sorry for the naive question. How do I install Ansible AWX on a localhost without internet access on Debian?

Well, first, you need to make all of the images available on some local docker registry.

Second, AWX is designed to be run in a kubernetes cluster, not on a single localhost. You’re best bet is to follow @kurokobo’s tutorial on deploying it to a single-node k3s cluster. You’ll have to account for pulling the images you need from a local registry you setup (Nexus OSS or ProjectQuay might be suitable, or even TheForeman could work).

The method about air-gapped installation is the one of the FAQ for me.
It may be the time to consider adding air-gapped installation guide :joy:

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