How to implement ssl based authentication and conection between awx and target vms

I am trying to setup private ssl based authentication and connection from awx to target vm.

  • where to keep the ssl certificate for authentication ?

  • How to check the encryption while connectivity?

I think you’re going to have to expand on that. What are you trying to accomplish, and what do you mean exactly by “SSL-based authentication”?

here is the scienerio i am trying to achieve:

i have a awx (installed on a k8 cluster) using awx-operator i am having a target machine where they have configured SSL certificate on the target environment machines. I want to trigger automation from awx to target machine so how i can achieve it

If you really mean SSL, you’d use something like the uri module to access APIs on a target system.

Ansible AWX typically uses SSH to connect to Unix/Linux target systems (or WINRM/SSH for Windows targets).

If these concepts are foreign, you might like to begin reading at Getting started with Ansible — Ansible Documentation