Horizontal scrolling on Ansible Navigator


Does anybody know if there is any way to do horizontal scrolling in ansible-navigator?

The only information I was able to find on the Internet was this “discussion”, which hasn’t been even discussed yet :sweat_smile:

Currently, to see the full logs I’m just using the artifact that is created after the playbook execution, but I find that kind-of time consuming when debugging faulty code.

Ansible Navigator version:

$ ansible-navigator --version
ansible-navigator 3.0.1

Thanks a lot in advance.


Can anyone from @DevTools give an opinion on this one?


It doesn’t…

The :log functionality is pretty limited. There should also be a log file created on the local filesystem. For digging deep into it, a seperate terminal window might be a better approach with the pager/editor of your choice.



Ok that’s what I thought… but thanks anyway for taking the time to answer @cidrblock, much appreciated :+1:

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