Help with re-running failed jobs in workflow in Ansible Automation Platform

I’ve set up about 5 jobs templates inside my Workflow. But when one fails in the sequence, i either have option to just trigger the failed job only for and not the rest of the sequence or run the entire workflow again including the already completed ones. Is there a way to re-run the failed job and the rest of the not executed ones in the workflow?

WorkFlow - Job 1 (Success) → Job 2 (Success) → Job 3 (Failed) → Job 4 (Not executed) → Job 5 ( Not executed)

Once job 3 fails the workflow stops there. Now i have two options

  1. Relaunch the failed job 3 (This is relaunching only Job 3 but not triggering job 4 and 5)
  2. Relaunch the entire workflow again. (This is relaunching Job 1 & Job 2 again as well)

Is there a way that i can launch the sequence form the failed job 3? (Job3 followed by job 4 and then job 5) but without re-running the already executed ones (Job 1 & job 2)?

Or are there any other ways that i can skip job 1 & job 2 and run from the failed job?

Thank you