Greetings to all!

Hi All,
Im new here. Actually havent seen too many google searches come up with help from this site that i have noticed, its always stack, so i never noticed the forum before.

I just wanted to say hello to all. Im a DevSecOps Engineer, and heavily use ansible for the last couple years in what feeels like some pretty advanced stuff, such as dynamic hosts, serial rolling upgrades of nomad/consul, common roles for shared code, custom files folder to keep the main root folder clean, heavily levaraging group_vars for a single code base that supports multiple environments (5 atleast) for the same application. I mainly use it for application deployment and SCM for AWS servers, but I also use it somewhat for automating nomad eligibility, a bit of aws data, calling python scripts, calling powershell scripts, windows patching, in cron jobs for automating the automation, and the likes.

Take care, and Happy Holidays!

  • Brian


I guess that is because this forum is still quite new and doesn’t have a huge amount of content yet, I just looked at the robots.txt file for the site and there doesn’t appear to be anything there to prevent posts being indexed?


If I did it right then I blocked the AI spiders from grabbing your code, but general indexing should still work. According to the logs the top crawler is Bing - for some reason the Googlebot is an order-of-magnitude less in terms of pageviews.