Forward/parse dynamic inventory to a separate playbook

I dynamically create an inventory from the monitoring server using some filter. I just start with localhost and dynamically add a group for Linux, WindowsServer, WindowClient. I do this with module add_host. This works well.
Now, I want to run a different playbook based on this inventory (eg. installing SW, doing updates, …).
All shall be run in AWX. I created a survey defining the filters for the inventory creation. Works well.
Next I have different playbooks for specific actions based on the previous created inventory. My idea, is to create an AWX workflow template for each different action. The workflow at first calls the playbook for inventory creation and second the playbook for the specific action. For this, I need to parse the inventory to the 2nd playbook.
What I want to achieve. If I change the ‘inventory playbook’ (adding new filters, including changes in the survey), this change immediately applies to all dependend playbooks.
My workaround currently, I imported the ‘inventory playbook’ to each ‘specific action playbook’. The drawback, I need to update all surveys in all specific action playbooks’.

How can I parse the inventory to a 2nd playbook? Or is there different way to do the same?