Feature request: Allow AWX consider DST when using timezones

AWX does not honor DST when scheduling in timezones

We are currently evaluating whether to use AAP to schedule some business jobs. The only thing that stops us from using AAP is that it does not honor DST when scheduling jobs. From the latest doc:

Jobs are scheduled in UTC. Repeating jobs that run at a specific time of day may move relative to a local timezone when Daylight Savings Time shifts occur. The system resolves the local time zone based time to UTC when the schedule is saved. To ensure your schedules are correctly set, you should set your schedules in UTC time.

The other schedulers support DST (UC4, Argo Workflows, Apache Airflow). It also defeats the point scheduling in timezone if they actually do not follow DST strictly to a certain degree. The code in question is here: awx/awx/main/models/schedules.py at devel · ansible/awx (github.com)

I could open a PR for this. But I was wondering maybe there is a reason why it was implemented that way. Or maybe it’s already on the roadmap. We could also create a feature request from the company that I am working at the moment.


@GitarPlayer Welcome to the Forum.

We do have some missing functionality here, if you are happy to raise a PR that would be great, and likely help us get the feature in quicker.