Export and Import of AWX objects from instance to instance

I would like to stand up a second instance of AWX, just like my first, and bring across my 50 or so templates with their surveys and the like. I don’t want to build them all by hand again.

I know the API can be used to extract this data from the first instance and to pump it back into the new instance. Has anyone already done this? I’m thinking bash with jq to pull the key data is a way to go, but I’m sure there’s a better one.

You have a couple of options,

You could use awx.collection export and import modules to extract the data and import into the new instance.


You might try using the awx-operator Backup and Restore roles to do this as well.


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Thank you for going back and finding this, Seth. I will research the export option. I have everything to learn about that process, but it might do just what I need. I built a Powershell tool that does it, while I was waiting, so I have something with which to compare. :slight_smile: