EDA-Server's SCM Authentication... any future with private key auth?

Can anyone help me understand why EDA-Server didn’t/doesn’t yet, support ssh key authentication to an SCM? It’s been in Ansible Controller, tower and AWX for a while now. Surely a lot of environments who use one of those, who would also want to use EDA would appreciate using the same authentication mechanism on both applications…

Hello @skeer,
The EDA-server is a young project, and we are working hard to bring some of the features that people are requesting as soon as possible. We are already aware of the lack of support for SSH key authentication for projects, and it’s one of the things that we are going to implement in the upcoming weeks in the upstream project as well as in the next version of AAP.


Thank you Alex, This information gives me hope for sure! Can I ask… is there a roadmap or other published resource I could be looking at for upcoming changes with EDA-Server and it’s related parts?