Does `ansible-navigator` not support passing vault-password file?


I have an inventory where some of the device based passwords are encrypted via Ansible-Vault.

I am running ansible-navigator v3.6.0 on WSL2 Windows 10.

Project structure

I am following the Ansible Runner project structure:

├── ansible.cfg
├── artifacts
├── env
├── inventory
├── project # a .vaultpass plain-text password file exists here

In an normal scenario:

ansible-inventory -i inventory --vault-password-file=project/.vaultpass --list --yaml

gives me the list the complete inventory

however, the followiing with ansible-navigator:

ansible-navigator inventory -i ./inventory --vault-password-file=project/.vaultpass


Errors were encountered while gathering inventory:
ERROR! Attempting to decrypt but vault secrets found

What is the appropriate way to work with ansible-navigator and a vaulted inventory?