Connection to a private server

Hello Team

I am totally new to ansible and learning on it I want to setup a connection to a windows server which is a a kind of bastion server and from there establish a connection to a linux server in private subnet (both the servers are in aws) can anyone please help me to write the ansible playbook for this and also brief me about the steps

I’m not sure if this is really possible. I’ve never used bastion hosts, but as far as I understand they are a control node in disguise. And you cannot use a Windows system for the Ansible control node.

If my assumption is correct, you would need a Linux system (native, as a VM on you Windows machine or using WSL). Alternatively, you could try and use your Windows system to proxy WinRM traffic. I’ve found this and this blog post which might help you.


If that helped @adrija1993 then let us know, and maybe hit the :heavy_check_mark: to accept @mariolenz’s solution. Thanks!

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