Confusing ansible-lint message, behavior

I’m hitting the following messages from ansible-lint:

WARNING  Listing 112 violation(s) that are fatal
WARNING  A rule (load-failure) that is not part of a collection cannot access its configuration.

after which linting stops. The first WARNING is expected because I didn’t pass a -c parameter. It’s the second one that has me baffled. No summary is printed. This is after quite a few “lintables” have been processed, right at the end of the run.

What’s going on?

$ ansible-lint --version
ansible-lint 6.21.1 using ansible-core:2.14.7 ansible-compat:4.1.10 ruamel-yaml:None ruamel-yaml-clib:None
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Hello, I found this thread after running into the same error message today.

In my case, it was triggered by linting a role which was calling a custom test plugin that was missing from our plugins dir.


ansible-lint 24.2.0 using ansible-core:2.16.3 ansible-compat:4.1.11 ruamel-yaml:0.18.6 ruamel-yaml-clib:0.2.8
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@utoddl @kralewitz Related issue on ansible-lint repo: Linting result of include_role with wrong syntax is suppressed · Issue #4007 · ansible/ansible-lint · GitHub

A PR is up for it.