Concurrency in v17.1

I’ve read that prior Ansible Tower 3.0 concurrent jobs from the same template blocked each other (last section here).

I think this is what happens in my setup as well, in my AWX 17.1 setup only one job runs at a time (multiple jobs from the same template), I am wondering if that is due to such a blocking or due to capacity problems - not sure since I hadn’t found out when that changed in AWX.

=> I ask myself: will upgrading the server capacity help or is the problem the outdated AWX version and therefore the blockage.

I already had a look in GitHub but without success so far. Can someone help me, please?

found the following in the logs for a second job of the same template

Jan 14 11:49:55 awx d77fd34d2820[10174]: 2024-01-14 11:49:55,869 DEBUG    awx.main.scheduler No instance available in group tower to run job job 114568 (pending) w/ capacity requirement 6
Jan 14 11:49:55 awx d77fd34d2820[10174]: 2024-01-14 11:49:55,871 DEBUG    awx.main.scheduler job 114568 (pending) couldn't be scheduled on graph, waiting for next cycle
Jan 14 11:49:55 awx d77fd34d2820[10174]: 2024-01-14 11:49:55,872 DEBUG    awx.main.scheduler Finishing Scheduler

So seem like it is a capacity issue then, right?

Hello @flodo
Do you have Concurrent Jobs selected? Here is a screenshot of where that lives:

Heya, sure thing. Have selected that

to clarify, you are on awx 17? If so we highly recommend upgrading to latest AWX, we’ve made a load of improvements around job capacity / concurrency.

Let us know if you have questions about upgrading to newer version


That’s correct, mainly because I have no experience with kubernetes so far. So it is hard for me to do the upgrade.