CFP: FOSSASIA Summit 2024

The FOSSASIA Summit is taking place in-person in Hanoi from Monday 8th April 2024 to Wednesday 10th April 2024. Since its first event in 2009, the FOSSASIA Summit has become a platform that brings together thousands of participants in the free and open source solutions (FOSS) ecosystem to showcase latest technologies, exchange knowledge and collaborate on projects.


  1. DevOps & Cloud (Continuous Delivery, Microservices, Containers, Cloud & Lean Business, SRE, Observability, Kubernetes, Distributed Services, Digital Sovereignty)
  2. Operating System (Open source operating system, distributions on devices, use cases)
  3. Databases (Location-aware and Mapping, Replication and Clustering, Data Warehousing)
  4. PGDay (Anything PostgreSQL)
  5. Hardware & Firmware (Architectures, IoT, Maker Culture, Small Devices)
  6. Robotics (Frameworks, Open Hardware, Integrations, Manipulation, Robotics applied Machine Learning, Locomotion, Interfaces, Control)
  7. Web3 (Platform, Database, NFTs, Digital Assets, Crypto, Blockchain in Enterprise)
  8. Artificial Intelligence (Machine Learning, Big Data, NLP, Deep Learning, Open Source AI, Algorithms, Cognitive Expert Systems, Smart Devices)
  9. Web and Mobile Technologies (Programming Languages, Frameworks, Python, Javascript, ReactJS, Ruby, Android, Go, Kotlin etc.)
  10. Security
  11. FOSS Community (other free and open source related topics)

More details on the event site.