Best way to implement new functions/modify AWX menu/GUI

Hello community,

I’m currently a beginner diving deep into Ansible and AWX and want to use it for a final project of my education but I have a question before I can start which I couldn’t find a solution for on Google yet.

I saw that you could modify the AWX GUI by adding/implementing new custom functions. For that I have found two methods to do it:

  • using custom plugins developed in JS and importing them through RestAPI
  • using custom workflows

If I, for example, wanted to implement a function (and therefore a new menu point in the AWX GUI) to select specific PCs/systems that are connected to my PC for then only using the tasks on them, which would be the best of those two methods and - are there maybe more methods? For my final project I need to have some kind of programming, too so drag and drop wouldn’t be the best solution for me. Also, all this should be possible without any internet connection.

I really appreciate your answers and thank you in advance!