AWX VMware credential default value change

I use AWX with VMware credentials. As per the manual 10. Credentials — Ansible Tower User Guide v3.8.6 there is VMWARE_VALIDATE_CERTS env var defined when the credential is used. I could debug that value is False but i cant find any place where i can change this value to be True.
When creating new VMware credential i dont see any option to select value for this env var.

Hi @markatbkk the documentation you mention is for 3.8.6 and is very old

I don’t see that field in our definition for the VMWare vCenter credential type

Please create an RFE on GitHub - ansible/awx: AWX provides a web-based user interface, REST API, and task engine built on top of Ansible. It is one of the upstream projects for Red Hat Ansible Automation Platform. and as always PR welcomed :grin:

Hi @TheRealHaoLiu i think i have enough of Ansible knowledge to write respective code for this missing credential option but i have never submitted any PR to Github project. It seems pretty complex to me and i don’t want to make any mess :slight_smile: so ill just raise the enhancement request instead. Appreciate your response on this topic

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