AWX VM Executor Node Installed, do we need to perform the Ansible Modules installation on the AWX-EE Container also?


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We have installed the AWX VM Executor Node with all the pre-requisites such as Ansible, PIP, Python & Receptor has been installed on the Virtual Machine and enabled the VM at Instance Group Ready Status in the AWX Platform successfully. Now, we have a plan to install the modules on the AWX EE Container as well. However, I have some queries/clarifications on this implementation part:

β†’ If we have already installed the modules on the AWX VM Executor Node. Do we need to perform the Ansible module installation on the AWX-EE Container? If Yes, What is the reason behind it?
β†’ What is the functionality of AWX-EE Container and how it’s initiate the connection to the AWX VM Executor Node?
β†’ From the AWX Job Template, do we need to select both the AWX VM Executor Node & the AWX Execution Environment in order to execute the Job Template Ansible Playbook?

From my experience, I did none of those things on my Execution Node. I downloaded the installer bundle from AWX (8.3 Add an Instance, step 4), configured the inventory with appropriate auth settings, and ran the install playbook against my Execution Node (EN) to configure it.

The EN will use AWX-EE or any other EE you configure in AWX for running Jobs on this EN. It runs these in Docker/Podman containers, exactly the same way Control Nodes would run jobs in new kubernetes pods.

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if UI reports the execution node as healthy, you are now ready to run jobs on that execution node.

Sounds like you are also describing settings up and adding ansible modules (collections) to your awx-ee – you can do this in two ways.

  1. define a collections/requirements.yml file that lists the collections you want to use to run your playbook

  2. Create a custom execution environment that has your modules pre-installed using ansible-builder

Once you have your execution environment defined, you can run that EE container on your execution node


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