Awx-operator and Karpenter in EKS

Failed to schedule pod, incompatible with provisioner "default", did not tolerate /karpenter=:NoSchedule; incompatible with provisioner "default-spot", did not tolerate /karpenter=:NoSchedule 

Does awx-operator work with Karpenter or any plans to?

Hello @trippinnik,

To my knowledge we haven’t tested awx-operator with Karpenter. If you try this out, please let us know how it goes and share back any pain points you run in to. You’ll probably want to be mindful of what you set node_selector, task_affinity, and web_affinity to. The defaults will not discriminate which node the pods are scheduled on.

The error is above when trying to schedule a pod, so I guess not. I don’t care what nodes things run on but it it would be ideal if Karpenter knew to start a node when the current nodes are full/used.

The jobs are generally bursts of activity and then quiet