AWX not working after /var permissions changed

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I have got myself into a bit of a hole. I was trying to get an execution environment with a volume configured to write to the /var dirctory on the host and I changed the permissions of the /var directory to 755 recursively. This had broken AWX.
It is running on Linux EC2 instance in AWS under K3S.
When I check the pods I get:
awxbackup-21-02-24-db-management 0/1 Unknown 0 24m
awxbackup-19-03-24-db-management 0/1 Unknown 0 24m
awx-postgres-13-0 1/1 Running 13 (10m ago) 154d
awx-operator-controller-manager-775bd7b75d-26s4r 2/2 Running 2 (10m ago) 4d1h
awx-task-58c5ddcd99-7qzg6 2/4 CrashLoopBackOff 14 (3m59s ago) 4d1h
awx-web-7546c74d6d-cc8zc 1/3 CrashLoopBackOff 13 (3m58s ago) 4d1h

I am not sure how I can reverse the change I made or correct it.

Can anyone give me a few pointer as to what I should do next?

Yeah sadly your VM is likely in an unstable state. Important rancher files will live under /var, e.g.

and will be affecting the containers from booting up properly.

You likely will need to recreate a new VM and get stuff running there. And be sure to only modify direction permissions on the exact storage path for your PV.


Thanks for your reply. I had reached the same conclusion and am currently rebuilding my AWX.
I won’t make that mistake again!