AWX Master Node CPU Load is High

AWX Master Node CPU Load is High.

I am running a RKE2 server in one node ( 4 vCPU , 8 GB Ram)
AWX Version : AWX 24.2.0

When there is a new job , it will create a new worker node and join to the RKE2 Kubernetes Cluster. This is using AWS Auto Scaling + cluster_autoscaler

My problem is when there is around 20+ playbook running at the same time , it will create high load on the master server ( the one hosting the AWX container). When high load , the UI will become less responsive.

The kind of playbook are various where some has high fork like 30. Some has configure with job slicing of 5.

Rough amount of host that was running against at one point of time would be 100+

I am asking if there is any way to address this CPU load issue.
Is it because my CPU is not sufficient?
I assume that when I ensure all my automation job will run in the worker node , it will be less stress on the master node. But it seem the master node also built up quite a high load when my automation job is running in different worker nodes.

Any advice is appreciated.