AWX integration with Jira

Hi Everyone,

I am looking for the AWX integration with jira and create a project in it using playbook.

Could anyone help me with the documentaion? Even while adding the new credentials in AWX, i did not get any Credential type for jira.

Please help me with the proper solution for this.

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I am not sure there is native integration with AWX, you would have to create a custom credential type (12. Custom Credential Types — Automation Controller User Guide v4.4).

On the playbook side, there is a module thought to talk to JIRA: community.general.jira module – Create and modify issues in a JIRA instance — Ansible Documentation


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Actually in credential there is no option to choose jira as a target. How can i run template without jira as a integration option in AWX.
as i have installed Jira in an ec2 instance.

I think it would need to be a custom credential @Nikhil

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