AWX - Instance Groups permissions

If I create an inventory with one specific Instance Group assigned and give a team of an organisation these roles:

  • Update
  • Ad Hoc
  • Use
  • Read

On the organisation the team has this access:

  • Project Admin
  • Inventory Admin
  • Credential Admin
  • Workflow Admin
  • Job Template Admin
  • Notification Admin
  • Read
  • Approve

The team cannot change or choose any other Instance group, running jobs against this inventory and it uses the assigned one.
If the team creates any sort of inventory like Smart Inventory or Constructed Inventory based on this inventory or a new inventory, the Default Instance Group is assigned. Instance Group is blank on those inventories.

Is there an option like “Default Instance Group” on Organisation level?

I would like to integrate a remote Ansible VM into AWX for a team and give them appropriate freedom within their organisation, but not use any of the Kubernetes’ resources or run jobs from its network.