AWX EE Container to AWX VM Executor Node Connectivity issues

We have executed the playbook on the AWX VM Executor node. However, we have got the below error. Could you please provide your input on this issue.

Error: writing blob: adding layer with blob “sha256:5ac5ee06926ae36c5ef4d076c5bc531d6ae9fa6920a3ed25feb0394556132ada”: processing tar file(mkdir /usr/local/lib/python3.9/site-packages/com/vmware/nsx/configs: no space left on device): exit status 1

I think the error message is the answer, have you done any investigation?

That’s correct, but what kind of remediations that we would need to perform for this issue. Could you please explain once in detail manner with the commands or practical explanation.

Have you read the error message you posted to the end of the line?

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Let me try to explain my requirements more clearly. I want to perform some extensions of the space on the container-image layer, but in order to perform that, what are all the commands that we would need to apply on the AWX-EE container-image I’m not sure about it. Please let me know if you have any insights from your side.

Okay, so personally I recommend that includes such question be in the initial post. Only pasting an error message without sufficient explanation is, um, just throwing all of the problem solving to someone else.

So, if you have read the error message in your own way, came up with your own solution, and still don’t know how to do it, all of these facts and thoughts should be presented clearly from the beginning. This will definitely make it easier for community members to understand your situation that you are facing, and the comments you get from others will probably be appropriate.

In addition, the description like “executed the playbook and got an error”, is also not informative enough. Providing actual playbook (or task at least), clarifying where the error appears, and providing a log that includes before and after of the errors without omitting anything other than the errors are also important to get appropreate answer.

So I want to say, to get good answers for you, you absolutely requires authoring good quality, clear and informative questions, with taking sufficient time and effort in the first place.

Now, back to the error in the very first question, anyway, no space left on device is the cause, as it is shown in the error.

Typically this error is insufficient space on the filesystem of the host you are running container images on. Check the free space on the file system of the host where the docker or podman is running.

Sorry for the lengthy post.


If the error persists despite sufficient free space, perhaps you need to troubleshoot something about Docker or Podman.
If so, please be specific about the playbook in which the error occurs and how the error is displayed and where. Also, the results of the following commands would be a good first lead-in.

df -h
df -ih
podman system df
podman system info
cat /etc/containers/storage.conf
cat /home/awx/.config/containers/storage.conf
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We have performed the above checkup and yet the issue remains unresolved. Could anybody please provide your insight.


  • We executed the playbook from AWX application and got the below error,

Error: writing blob: adding layer with blob “sha256:5d25feb0394556132ada”: processing tar file(mkdir /usr/local/lib/python3.9/site-packages/com/vmware/nsx/configs: no space left on device): exit status 1

We validated the log file from container layer and also validated the space and seems like we have sufficient space. On further validation on AWX executor node we are getting below errors,

ERROR 2024/05/10 15:09:50 Error locating unit: LoK6pciG
ERROR 2024/05/10 15:09:50 unknown work unit LoK6pciG
ERROR 2024/05/10 15:29:44 Error locating unit: fLcrpezz
ERROR 2024/05/10 15:29:44 unknown work unit fLcrpezz
ERROR 2024/05/10 15:31:26 Error locating unit: AX135Hp7
ERROR 2024/05/10 15:31:26 unknown work unit AX135Hp7
ERROR 2024/05/10 15:33:16 Error locating unit: 3mJ6owTL
ERROR 2024/05/10 15:33:16 unknown work unit 3mJ6owTL
ERROR 2024/05/10 15:36:34 Error locating unit: 3JxAN2mk
ERROR 2024/05/10 15:36:34 unknown work unit 3JxAN2mk
ERROR 2024/05/10 15:38:30 Error locating unit: 7uBQ2r8N
ERROR 2024/05/10 15:38:30 unknown work unit 7uBQ2r8N
ERROR 2024/05/10 15:40:45 Error locating unit: 5Och00Nu
ERROR 2024/05/10 15:40:45 unknown work unit 5Och00Nu
ERROR 2024/05/10 15:43:23 Error locating unit: 7wwxZSML
ERROR 2024/05/10 15:43:23 unknown work unit 7wwxZSML
ERROR 2024/05/10 15:44:46 Error locating unit: xTU8j35w
ERROR 2024/05/10 15:44:46 unknown work unit xTU8j35w

Any insight would be highly appreciated.

Hello All,

Any help/suggestions on this topic would be helpful…