Any tutorial for running a local Galaxy server?

Can anyone recommend a good tutorial for running a local galaxy server?

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There’s multiple options available to you:

  - name: 'git+'
    version: 'master' # or whatever version you need
  - name: 'my_role'
    src: ''
    scm: 'git'
    version: '2.5.1'

Also note that Artifactory has just released an update that allows Ansible Galaxy proxying and Ansible collection storage as first class features - JFrog Help Center

Thanks! We currently host a handful of local modules on a boring old BLOB storage (with a basic webserver), so I know you can also add

 - name: ""

Sounds like Galaxy NG might be what I want, but the install docs seemed predictably complex… (Ansible: current version is deprecated, new version isn’t ready yet - :astonished: )

This feature can be a shortcut for test purposes (for example, to install a PR against a collection to try it out), but I recommend against it for general use.

Here’s another option available for a tar.gz server that I use for its simplicity GitHub - sivel/amanda: A simple web application, to mimic the v3 API endpoints for Ansible Galaxy Collections, with no database, just a directory with artifacts

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