Ansible x Aruba Switch 2930M - unable to run playbooks

Dear Friends,

I am in the middle of the deployment of ~200 x Aruba switches (Aruba JL322A 2930M-48G-PoE+ Switch - Software revision WC.16.10.0009).

I am looking for a way of automation of gathering information and config.

I am running the WSL2 on Windows 11, which means I’ve installed Ubuntu 22.04 virtually on my Windows. Ansible core 2.15.6 is installed on Ubuntu.

I managed to run playbooks at similar site about 2 years ago, but now I am being told that method that I was using is deprecated and I should use ansible-galaxy.
I installed AOS-Switch Ansible Collection from the Galaxy portal.

I am able to ssh from Ubuntu via SSH and access the example SW005 via web-gui.

this is my example playbook:

this is my example inventory:

Here is my ansible.cfg (part of it)

host_key_checking = False <–this is already in place

Here is my host file:

There are two modes of achieving the goal:
via SSH
via API
Having running any of them, not even both will be great for me.

After long days of trying to have it working I am forced to seek for some help. I have different faulty errors. I believe that 5 minutes of somebody who knows how-to could save my life forever.

Dear Community please help me out!

Kind Regards,


According to documentation, arubaoss_command module indeed uses network_cli as connection plugin, but the output bit you showed displayed an error seemingly trying to reach a REST API endpoint (the "url": key part). Or is that the task using arubaoss_vlan module which is failing ?

So what happens if you change connection mode to local ? Also be sure to enable REST interface on your device.

Edit: If that doesn’t help, please also share a full verbose (-vvv) output, preferably in textual form that you could push on any pastebin-like online service.