Ansible-test — Added macOS 14.3 and deprecated macOS 13.2

(Copying over ansible-test — Added macOS 14.3 and deprecated macOS 13.2 · Issue #65 · ansible-collections/news-for-maintainers · GitHub from @webknjaz.)

The devel version of ansible-test has been updated to include support for macOS 14.3. Collections testing against macOS should update to the new version by March 27th.

These changes should only be made for the portion of the test matrix tested against the devel branch of ansible-core.

Azure Pipelines Test Matrix Updates

The following collections tested with the devel branch of ansible-core should be updated:

  • community.crypto:main
    • Replace macos/13.2 with macos/14.3
  • community.general:main
    • Replace macos/13.2 with macos/14.3
  • community.general:stable-7
    • Replace macos/13.2 with macos/14.3
  • community.general:stable-8
    • Replace macos/13.2 with macos/14.3
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This (macos/13.2) has now actually been removed with Remove macOS 13.2 from ansible-test by mansoor17syed · Pull Request #82291 · ansible/ansible · GitHub.