Ansible/team-devtools's `release_collection.yml` workflow is not working anymore

I am the maintainer of netscaler.adc ansible collection and I have integreated an automated workflow to relase my collection to Ansible Galaxy and Ansible Automation Hub whenever a new GitHub release is published.

My workflow file as below

name: Release the ansible collection to Ansible Galaxy and Ansible Automation Hub
    types: [published]
    uses: ansible/devtools/.github/workflows/release_collection.yml@main
      environment: release
      ah_token: ${{ secrets.AH_TOKEN }}
      ansible_galaxy_api_key: ${{ secrets.ANSIBLE_GALAXY_API_KEY }}

I internally using workflow to release the collection

The github workflow was working till my last release 3 week back. However the pipeline is broken since yesterday.

The error is as below:

Invalid workflow file: .github/workflows/release.yml#L8
error parsing called workflow ".github/workflows/release.yml" -> "ansible/devtools/.github/workflows/release_collection.yml@main" : workflow was not found. See for more information.

workflow run link: 2.6.1 · netscaler/ansible-collection-netscaleradc@9b850f5 · GitHub

Please help me here as it is blocking our release.

Thank you in advance,

In my workflow, the ansible/team-devtools workflow is used as ansilbe/devtools.
I renamed it to the latest name. ans it worked.

I still wonder, why did it work for the last 4 months. ansible/devtools is renamed to ansible/team-devtools 4 months ago.

below is the working line:

    uses: ansible/team-devtools/.github/workflows/release_collection.yml@main