Ansible script to install .exe file on windows with interactive mode

I am trying to install .exe file but win_shell or win_command is running the installer indefinightly. The exe installation requirs to feed instaructions during installation, like language : english, select a check box, next and finish etc. How can I achieve it with ansible script. Thanks a lot for your support.

Try using the expect module?

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Not always, but many Windows installers can install non-interactively by providing all of the answers it needs at runtime. This might mean passing them all as arguements/parameters, or providing an answers file. Sometimes an exe is just a wrapper around an msi installer, which can be extracted and more easily installed since MSI is easy to automate.

There’s even a possibility that the install is already automated by Chocolatey, and you could leverage the Chocolatey.Chocolatey collection.

Can you tell us what program you’re actually trying to install?


Thank you all for your quick response.
No, I have not tried with expect module nor with chocolatey package for this exe installation. Will try and update here.
However I have made it work with creating a ‘ini’ file with all the interactive command and referring it from the ansible script.

  • name: install gpg4win-3.1.5.exe
    win_command: D:\gpg4win-3.1.5.exe /S /C=D:\gpg4win.ini /D=D:\Gpg4win
    both the .exe file and ‘ini’ file inside ‘D:/’ drive.
    If anyone has any better solution, please share. Thank you.