Ansible-navigator doc plugin types


I’ve (re)discovered ansible-navigator’s doc subcommand, but have found that it only will display documentation for modules and not other plugin types. When trying to view docs for other plugin types (the ansible.builtin.is_mount test plugin, for example) This error appears. The same applies if the FQCN is used.

2│- '[WARNING]: is_mount was not found'

The plugin type can be changed in the ansible-navigator.yml settings file, but it appears that only one plugin type can be set at a time. Below is an example of the ansible-navigator.yml file.

            - module
            - filter

I’ve also tried separating the plugin types using commas instead of a list.

  type: filter, module

Both resulted in this error.

user@ansible-machine$ ansible-navigator 
Warning: Issues were found while applying the settings.
   Hint: Command provided: ''

  Error: The following errors were found in the settings file (/home/user/Ansible/ansible-navigator.yml):
         In 'ansible-navigator.ansible.doc.plugin.type': ['filter', 'module'] is not of type 'string'.
         In 'ansible-navigator.ansible.doc.plugin.type': ['filter', 'module'] is not one of ['become', 'cache', 'callback',
         'cliconf', 'connection', 'filter', 'httpapi', 'inventory', 'keyword', 'lookup', 'module', 'netconf', 'role', 'shell',
         'strategy', 'test', 'vars'].
   Hint: Check the settings file and compare it to the current version.
         The current version can be found here:
         The schema used for validation can be seen with 'ansible-navigator settings --schema'
         A sample settings file can be created with 'ansible-navigator settings --sample'

   Note: Configuration failed, using default log file location. (/home/user/Ansible/ansible-navigator.log) Log level
         set to debug
   Hint: Review the hints and log file to see what went wrong.

Looking at the Ansible Navigator documentation it does appear that only one plugin can be set at a time. I was going to submit a feature request on Github, but wanted to check here first before doing so just to make sure I didn’t miss something.