Ansible-munchen: Ansible Autumn meetup Munich [2023-11-09]

Mark your calendars for November 9th! The Ansible München community is thrilled to announce our next meetup, and we can’t wait to see you there. Whether you’re a seasoned Ansible pro or just getting started, this event is for you.

Date: November 9th
Time: 18:00
Location: St. Cajetan-Straße 41, 81669 Munich - Consol

  • 18:00 Welcome & first talk
  • 18:45 Pizza & beer
  • 19:15 Second talk
  • 20:00 Get together

First sepaker: Daniel Podwysocki - Building Your Own Ansible Modules with Python
How to Manage and Work with Any Application by Building Your Own Ansible Modules with Python.
This session will provide a concise overview of how to create a module and integrate an existing API with Ansible.
The goal is to help you bridge the gap between deployment and operation. Often, we have crucial deployments in our environments that we can automate up to the point of deployment, but loose control of what is being set up in them later on.
We will take a popular open-source inventory management system and see how we can bring changes to admin settings there under source control. A ready-to-go dev environment repository will be shared on GitHub, so that if you want to experiment with it after the meetup, you’ll be able to.

Second Sepaker: Joachim Jabs - “Ansible in Industrial Systems”
presents an exploration of Ansible’s usage for embedded systems in industrial appliances — from research to customer delivery — enabling reliability and reproducibility throughout the industrial lifecycle.
The key challenges involve functioning in low maintenance, air-gapped environments, requiring well-tested software updates and easy restorability and upgradability. It’s also critical to have a proof of liability and comply with rigorous quality standards.
The journey encompasses understanding the vendor’s and customer’s requirements, streamlining complex processes, and devising a roadmap to tackle potential issues in a systematic and iterative manner.
The choice of Ansible is justified as it automates the creation of a mold (the templating host) and form (the deployment target) through the provisioning of a PXE Server (Network Boot), allowing for easy, reproducible changes.
Emphasizing on the usage of an image for simplicity and defined state, discussions cover easy appliance upgrades, system restorations, and persistency across separate partitions, with an emphasis on conducting OS updates in the factory to prevent undefined behaviors in low-maintenance environments.

Let’s make this meetup a success together. See you soon!

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Ansible Munich meetup happening right now:



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