Ansible-lint throwing Internal error in VScode when referencing vaulted var_file

I’m trying to debug an issue where ansible-lint is throwing an exception with playbooks that I’m referencing a vaulted var_file in,

Below is the full error:
“resource”: “/home/me/ansible/playbooks/me/poc/demo_2023-11-cleanup.yml”,
“owner”: “generated_diagnostic_collection_name#1”,
“code”: {
“value”: “internal-error”,
“target”: {
“$mid”: 1,
“external”: “internal-error - Ansible Lint Documentation”,
“path”: “/rules/internal-error/”,
“scheme”: “https”,
“authority”: “
“severity”: 8,
“message”: “Unexpected error code 1 from execution of: ansible-playbook -i localhost, --syntax-check ansible/playbooks/me/poc/demo_2023-11-cleanup.yml”,
“source”: “ansible-lint”,
“startLineNumber”: 1,
“startColumn”: 1,
“endLineNumber”: 1,
“endColumn”: 2147483648

Here is a copy of the playbook.

# Playbook for purging snapshots left behind by the demo_2023-11 playbooks
# To run this playbook, cd to the root ansible directory and run the command;
# ansible-playbook -i inventory/test/me_test.yml playbooks/me/poc/demo_2023-11-cleanup.yml --vault-id secrets_private@prompt  
- name: Delete Snaps
  hosts: demo_group
  become: true
  gather_facts: yes
    install_updates: true 
    snapshot_name: 'all'  # Specify pattern here. Use "all" to remove all snapshots.
    - "~/ansible/vault/.ansible_secrets_private.yml"

    - name: Delete matching snapshots
        name: vmware_snapshot_delete

Any help would be much appreciated!

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