Ansible-lint throwing Internal error in VScode when referencing vaulted var_file

I’m trying to debug an issue where ansible-lint is throwing an exception with playbooks that I’m referencing a vaulted var_file in,

Below is the full error:
“resource”: “/home/me/ansible/playbooks/me/poc/demo_2023-11-cleanup.yml”,
“owner”: “generated_diagnostic_collection_name#1”,
“code”: {
“value”: “internal-error”,
“target”: {
“$mid”: 1,
“external”: “internal-error - Ansible Lint Documentation”,
“path”: “/rules/internal-error/”,
“scheme”: “https”,
“authority”: “
“severity”: 8,
“message”: “Unexpected error code 1 from execution of: ansible-playbook -i localhost, --syntax-check ansible/playbooks/me/poc/demo_2023-11-cleanup.yml”,
“source”: “ansible-lint”,
“startLineNumber”: 1,
“startColumn”: 1,
“endLineNumber”: 1,
“endColumn”: 2147483648

Here is a copy of the playbook.

# Playbook for purging snapshots left behind by the demo_2023-11 playbooks
# To run this playbook, cd to the root ansible directory and run the command;
# ansible-playbook -i inventory/test/me_test.yml playbooks/me/poc/demo_2023-11-cleanup.yml --vault-id secrets_private@prompt  
- name: Delete Snaps
  hosts: demo_group
  become: true
  gather_facts: yes
    install_updates: true 
    snapshot_name: 'all'  # Specify pattern here. Use "all" to remove all snapshots.
    - "~/ansible/vault/.ansible_secrets_private.yml"

    - name: Delete matching snapshots
        name: vmware_snapshot_delete

Any help would be much appreciated!

Bumping this post up as no replies :frowning:

Hello @gawainsr,

I stumbled upon this unresolved help request while browsing the forum. Before diving into it, I wanted to check if it’s related to another thread you opened a few days ago. In that previous thread, I suggested a workaround. Here’s the link to refresh your memory:

Could you take a moment to check if the solution provided in the other thread resolves your issue? If it doesn’t, I’ll be more than happy to assist you with this one. I’ve bookmarked it so I won’t forget.