Ansible Las Vegas Meetup

There used to be a meetup here in Vegas on for Ansible. I was wondering what would be required to bring it back? Ansible Las Vegas | Meetup was the original group.

Any ideas?

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Hi Eric, if you are interested in being an organizer and restart the meetup, @cybette can help with that.

I also suggest you take a look at the Ansible Meetup Toolkit to see how to manage it if you haven’t organized one yet, or if you want some tips/refreshers!

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Thank you, will look at the toolkit as well as sending a message to @cybette


By the way, there is always some Ansible people (like @IPvSean) at Cisco Live in Las Vegas (Jun 2-6), so doing an Ansible Meetup around Network Automation in those dates, like Jun 7, might work nicely!

edit: Thinking people might be tired by the end of it as it’s a long event and might have their return flights on Friday, but it doesn’t hurt trying I guess

I still have to see if Switch is still open to hosting the events as they had in the past.

Would be cool to meet some of you brainiacs in world of solutions throughout the Cisco Live conference.