Ansible-builder using private registry

I’m working through migrating our current python virtual environments over to execution environments. I haven’t been able to figure out how to pull python modules or container images from our private repository/registry, which needs a username/password to auth to. I have a requirement where all python modules and container images need to be pulled from our repository/registry. I didn’t see anything in the Execution Environment Setup Reference documentation for this.

Any help or direction on where to look for a solution would be appreciated

How ansible-builder builds artefacts is relatively straightforward - ansible-builder create generates a context directory containing a dockerfile and requirements files etc

Using a private container registry should therefore be as easy as running docker login before running ansible-builder build

I’m not sure about how private python registries are accessed - you might need to inject an auth file into the context

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Thanks for the info, and that makes sense.

However, for the python items it seems I just need to update my pip.conf to use my trusted-host, indindex-url, and cert.