Ansible awx - enable https


i just have setup the latest version of ansible awx using the operator (before i used the docker image). Using this documentation

Now i am a bit stuck how i can enable a wildcard certificate of my company.
[root@awx-k3s-master ~]# kubectl get svc -l “
awx-demo-postgres-13 ClusterIP None 5432/TCP 4m45s
awx-demo-service NodePort 80:30695/TCP 4m9s

The service is now running on http on port 30695 but i noticed TRAEFIK is running at the https side. Is it posible to redirect or change it so the awx site is secured by the ssl certificate?

Tried tempering with nano /var/lib/rancher/k3s/server/manifests/traefik.yaml but after restart of k3s this is back reverted.

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hi i have found this file an this helped me out debugging the ssl stuff.

now it is working

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