Ansible Automation Platform Air Gapped Trial- Cisco Modules Timing Out

I am new to ansible and just set up AAP for a trial in my on-prem network. I have a VM that my controller is on, and a second VM which houses my Hub. For a while I was having successful playbooks using the cisco.ios modules and after troubleshooting a connection issue trying to backup configs to my RHEL server, I somehow broke it and now all my cisco modules are failing with a timeout error. I cannot share my error here since I cannot downgrade my outputs to this domain. I have been messing with updating my cisco.ios version since the install came with v4.6.1. So I upgraded to v9 from the official Automation Hub. I have also been messing with credentials.
It’s weird because it looks like my playbooks are executing, I have one for gather facts and one for “copy run start” but it looks like my playbooks never finish they just timeout. I’ve searched the piles of the official documentation, ChatGPT and ClaudeAI I’m pretty stuck. Does anyone have any suggestions on what I can troubleshoot?

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There is some information in this guide on how to troubleshoot network modules such as iOS.

Thanks! I’ll take a look. I did discover, when i was working on a playbook to copy my cisco code to my red hat host, some documentation somewhere told me to put my red hat host in my network inventory. So of course my cisco ping wouldn’t ping a red hat server! I took that out and my basic ping and facts modules work. I did a super simple command playbook using netcommon and ios_command, and i’m still getting a timeout. Just for an update.

If you are using module that actually needs Python to be on the remote host, which is unlikely for network devices

For network devices use ansible.netcommon.net_ping

I got my pings to work. I can’t get the command modules to work. Not even for a simple show version

  • name: run show version on remote devices
    command: show version


  • name: Run show version on remote devices
    commands: show version