Announcing AWX 23.8.1 and AWX-Operator 2.12.1

Hi all,

We’re happy to announce that the next release of AWX, version 23.8.1 is now available!
Some notable features include:

  • Multi-arch Operator Release Changes
  • Add dockerx make target for building awx for arm64
  • Added mesh ingress content to instances chapter.
  • Addresses known issue found in 23.8.0

In addition AWX Operator version 2.12.1 has also been released!
Some notable features include:

Please see the releases pages for more details:

-The AWX team.

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This version has never been published to the Openshift Community Operators due to some issues on their side. Now it blocks version 2.12.2 due to dangling version 2.12.0.

Can somebody have a look, please?

Thanks in advance.


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I’ve managed to get 2.12.1 released. 2.12.2 still fails due to “dangling bundle 2.12.0”.