Accessing Extreme Network devices via CLI running on BOSS

Hello dear community,

I am currently working on a small Ansible project. We are currently using XIQ to access various ERS and VSP devices from Extreme Networks. This is being phased out as the license costs are far too high. With Ansible, I have already managed to access the VSP using a module ( However, I am having trouble executing CLI commands on devices running BOSS (Baystack Operating System Switching), such as the ERS3626GTS-PWR+. Unfortunately, I have not found a module for this; is there one that I might be overlooking? The goal is simply to execute CLI commands on the devices.

Kind Regards

Are you aware of the ansible.builtin.command module, module and ansible.builtin.expect module these might provide all you need? Or perhaps I have misunderstood the issue?

I have tried using ansible.builtin.ssh which resulted in the following error message:
fatal: [X.X.X.X]: FAILED! => {“msg”: “network os ansible.builtin.ssh is not supported”}

But I may have missed the modules you’ve listed. I’ll give them a try once I arrive at work.

Ah, I was assuming you can SSH to the devices, is this not the case?

Yes I can SSH to the devices, they have a normal CLI which you can access via SSH. Maybe there is a problem in my Inventory.ini since thats the place where I defined the network os which then uses the ansible.builtin.ssh