AAP console for ILMT deployment task failed with error

Hi All,

I am trying to deploy the ILMT scanner task from AAP portal and getting the below error,

Do we have any commands to resolve this?


Sound like whatever file you want to deploy is not present in the Execution Environment / Ansible Project code that you’re running from. And judging from the relative path in your code, I’d say you made this playbook on your workstation which does have that present?

Depending on the filesize you can do one of 2 things:

  1. Put the file in your Git code, however, don’t do that when it’s big
  2. Stick the file on a webserver that’s reachable and change the task to use remote_src. You can even extract it at the same time! Like so:
- name: 'Install LMT'
    src: 'http://repo.example.nl/LMT.tgz'
    dest: '/var/opt/ibm/LMTScanner'
    owner: 'root'
    group: 'root'
    mode: '0644'  # You might need to check these, if it's binary stuff, use 0755.