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AWX 23.5.0 Operator 2.8.0 K3s v1.27.7+k3s2


I just install fresh awx release 23.5.0 on redhat 8.8 with success

I follow with restore from backup files (on same release) with success

--------------------------- Ansible Task StdOut -------------------------------

TASK [restore : Update CR Restore status] **************************************
task path: /opt/ansible/roles/restore/tasks/update_status.yml:3

{“level”:“info”,“ts”:“2023-12-07T10:26:05Z”,“logger”:“runner”,“msg”:“Ansible-runner exited successfully”,“job”:“1442269809012458303”,“name”:“awxrestore-2023-12-03”,“namespace”:“awx”}

----- Ansible Task Status Event StdOut (awx.ansible.com/v1beta1, Kind=AWXRestore, awxrestore-2023-12-03/awx) -----

PLAY RECAP *********************************************************************
localhost : ok=6 changed=0 unreachable=0 failed=0 skipped=9 rescued=0 ignored=0

But now can not login anymore and have 404 error:

[IAAS - root@vmt86rhel937 ~]$ curl -k https://vmt86rhel937.cedelgroup.com
404 page not found

Can you please advise on how to troubleshoot such issue ?
No error to highlight from my side

[IAAS - root@vmt86rhel937 awx-on-k3s]$ kubectl get pods -n awx
awx-operator-controller-manager-6678865c69-xpjhl 2/2 Running 0 3h32m
awx-postgres-13-0 1/1 Running 0 100m
awx-task-58d8f4dcfb-snh9m 4/4 Running 0 99m
awx-web-6497bc6fd8-pc85p 3/3 Running 0 99m
[IAAS - root@vmt86rhel937 awx-on-k3s]$
[IAAS - root@vmt86rhel937 awx-on-k3s]$ kubectl get svc -n awx
awx-operator-controller-manager-metrics-service ClusterIP 8443/TCP 3h32m
awx-postgres-13 ClusterIP None 5432/TCP 100m
awx-service ClusterIP 80/TCP 100m
[IAAS - root@vmt86rhel937 awx-on-k3s]$ kubectl get svc -n awx -A
default kubernetes ClusterIP 443/TCP 12h
kube-system kube-dns ClusterIP 53/UDP,53/TCP,9153/TCP 12h
kube-system metrics-server ClusterIP 443/TCP 12h
kube-system traefik LoadBalancer 80:32422/TCP,443:30365/TCP 12h
awx awx-operator-controller-manager-metrics-service ClusterIP 8443/TCP 3h32m
awx awx-postgres-13 ClusterIP None 5432/TCP 100m
awx awx-service ClusterIP 80/TCP 100m

Let me know if you need more info

Thanks for your support

Could you please provide the output from kubectl -n awx get awx,ingress -o yaml

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Hi Kurokobo

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Thanks for your support

Wrap your output with triple-backquote like this:

paste output here

Hi Kurokobo

Yes it seems that we have reference to old awx server where the restore is coming from in metadata: → annotations: and spec: → hostname, …

Can I reset such parameters ?

Can not attach kuectl output as file, …

Best regards

Try kubectl -n awx edit awx awx.

After editing, wait until Operator starts to redeploy and complete: kubectl -n awx logs -f deployments/awx-operator-controller-manager

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Hi Kurokobo

Works fine now after updating hostname and redeployment of application

Good Job

Thanks for support

--------------------------- Ansible Task StdOut -------------------------------

TASK [Remove ownerReferences reference] ********************************
ok: [localhost] => (item=None) => {“censored”: “the output has been hidden due to the fact that ‘no_log: true’ was specified for this result”, “changed”: false}

--------------------------- Ansible Task StdOut -------------------------------

TASK [installer : Start installation if auto_upgrade is false and deployment is missing] ***
task path: /opt/ansible/roles/installer/tasks/main.yml:31

{“level”:“info”,“ts”:“2023-12-07T14:14:24Z”,“logger”:“logging_event_handler”,“msg”:“[playbook task start]”,“name”:“awx”,“namespace”:“awx”,“gvk”:“awx.ansible.com/v1beta1, Kind=AWX”,“event_type”:“playbook_on_task_start”,“job”:“4589132111170239021”,“EventData.Name”:“installer : Start installation if auto_upgrade is false and deployment is missing”}
{“level”:“info”,“ts”:“2023-12-07T14:14:24Z”,“logger”:“runner”,“msg”:“Ansible-runner exited successfully”,“job”:“4589132111170239021”,“name”:“awx”,“namespace”:“awx”}

----- Ansible Task Status Event StdOut (awx.ansible.com/v1beta1, Kind=AWX, awx/awx) -----

PLAY RECAP *********************************************************************
localhost : ok=85 changed=0 unreachable=0 failed=0 skipped=77 rescued=0 ignored=1