What questions should be in a community survey?

Howdy folks,

It’s been quite some time since we last did any kind of community survey, and that’s something I’d like to fix. However, Ansible is a wide ecosystem, and many people care about many different things!

So, I’d like to get some input - what questions would you like to know the answers to?

As a rule though, let’s not get sidetracked into how to ask the questions - that’s my job. I expect this topic might get long enough without that debate, and you can question my design when I’ve done the draft :slight_smile:. You are welcome to give me your rationale if you think it’s needed though :stuck_out_tongue:

So, whether it’s usage of a given feature, participation of events, or something I haven’t even thought of, hit me with your questions. I’ll put it all together in the coming weeks. Let’s go :tada:


Some questions from me that will definitely be in place:

  • What version of Ansible do you use
  • How long have you been using Ansible (years)
  • (some variant about whether you participate in the community)

The first two are “demographic representation” questions - I know the answers to these from other data sets, and can use that to weight these answers so we can make statements more general than “this is what the survey said”.

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