[Vote ends on 2024-02-29] Steering committee: simplify member removal process

You seem to have moved on from the question about private categories, but since I was asked - yes, you could have one, but I agree a group-PM seems a better way forward.


I took another look at this. I’m not so sure I want to remove the “send them an email first” requirement. I think it adds a personal step, makes sure the person is really inactive, and makes sure they directly receive a copy of the message. Currently, the PR just says that the topic will be created and then voted on. I think there at least needs to be a “wait at least X days for a response from the inactive member” step.


@gotmax23 SGTM, i’ll change the PRs

@gwmngilfen @mariolenz i don’t remember how those PM look. It’s possible to open polls there, right? If yes, OK, let’s proceed with the messages. I’ll change the PR

How about now, PTAL

Well, let’s test it. I’ve opened a PM to the SC group including a vote / poll.

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@Andersson007, I left further feedback on this PR and the other one. Thanks for all your work on this!

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@mariolenz works! thanks:)

@gotmax23 sure, thanks for the great feedback to all of you!

For the record: Voluntarily leaving the Steering Committee

I think we should move the discussion I’ve started there to this thread.

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Let’s vote on merging [SC vote needed] Steering Committee: simplify member removal policy; update links by Andersson007 · Pull Request #1075 · ansible/ansible-documentation · GitHub
The vote will end on 2024-02-29, please vote in a corresponding pole below.