[Vote ended on 2024-01-31] Ansible 10 roadmap

Yes, I’m starting this early, but there have been a few bits happening during the Ansible 9 release that I thought it would help to jot them down here, and then we’ll remember when we get to creating the actual Ansible 10 roadmap.

Two items so far:
1 - Only do alphas after each planned core prerelease, starting with core betas.
2. Clarify that there will be an Ansible alpha after unplanned core prereleases as well, but may not happen right away as it’s unscheduled.

If anyone remembers or comes up with anything else we need to remember when creating the next roadmap, please add it here.


I think this might be easier to disuss if we have some text to talk about, so I’ve created a proposal. This way, you could have a look and say what you’d like to have changed.

One thing I’ve seen is that the Ansible 9 roadmap linked to Community IRC meeting agenda which is outdated. I’ve also mentioned this directly in the PR.

I think this should be clear from the dates given in the roadmap.

I’ve added another footnote and tried to explain this there.

As suggested by @felixfontein, my proposal for the Ansible 10 roadmap now links to creating an Ansible Community Topic workflow.

You should be able to see how it looks like at the moment here.

@SteeringCommittee Since I didn’t see any objections to my PR, let’s vote on merging it and have a roadmap for Ansible 10. The vote will end 2024-01-31.

Since there are still not enough votes to get a decision, I’ll extend the vote until 2024-01-31.

@SteeringCommittee please vote! Or consider leaving the SC. This “quorum begging” is getting a little bit annoying…

Steering Committee vote
  • Accept / merge
  • Don’t accept / don’t merge
0 voters
Community vote
  • Accept / merge
  • Don’t accept / don’t merge
0 voters

@mariolenz do you want to do the results?

The vote ended today. 7 steering committee members voted in favor of the proposed roadmap for Ansible 10, which means we’ve reached the quorum and the vote is accepted.

There were also 5 votes from the community in favor of the proposed roadmap, and none (neither from the steering committee nor from the community) against it.