Replacing the individual meetup github repos

Hi folks -

So we have a batch of meetup github repos, most of which are empty. There are about three of them that seem to have some level of activity. In at least one, there was a question on why we want individual repos per meetup, vs just having a common place to share presentations, where it might be easier to find older presentations and reuse them etc.

Here in the forum, we already have Meetups in the events calendar (autopopulated it seems).

We also have a github community-presentations repo that we could start using across all meetups to share presentations.

For those who attend or run meetups, what do you feel is the best way to coordinate this information? Is there a benefit to having your own meetup sharing repo?

We don’t have to delete the meetup repos that are actively in use, but wanted to find out what folks need/want from these.