Release Announcement: Community Execution Environment Base 2.17-1

Hello everyone,

We’re happy to announce the release of the

What’s inside Ansible Community Execution Environment Base 2.17-1(Latest)?

This container image includes :

Base_image: fedora 40

ansible-core: ansible-core 2.17 (latest version of ansible-core)

collections: The following set of collections

ansible.posix 1.5.4

ansible.utils 4.1.0 2.3.0

sha256 sum value of the container image :


How to get community-ee-base 2.17-1 (Latest)?

Install from command line via @sha256_sum_value of the image

`podman pull Package community-ee-base · GitHub

Install from command line via image tag

podman pull

`podman pull Package community-ee-base · GitHub

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Ansible Community Team