Proposing a change to the Documentation WG meeting time

We currently have a monthly conflict with the AWX community meeting. Recent DawGs (aka documentation working group meeting) discussions suggest we should just vote on a couple of options to shift the meeting time accordingly, so here’s the poll! (Current meeting time is 15:00 UTC).

  • An hour earlier
  • An hour later
  • Something completely different (add comment with details)
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My preference is 13.00 UTC.

Since we will collide with AWX next week, we decided in the meeting to have it one hour LATER just for the July 9th meeting.

An hour later than usual is when most of my colleagues take lunch - this means that I am rarely called away for a different meeting at that hour.

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After lengthy discussion in the DaWGs meeting, we will update the weekly meeting time based on this vote (aka an hour later - to 16:00 UTC).

We will evaluate the results in a couple of months and see if we’ve lost participants or not. Thanks everyone!