New Release: ansible-core v2.16.6

ansible-core v2.16.6

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Thanks for the new release!

Is there a reason why the tarball on PyPI is called ansible_core (with an underscore) now?

ansible_core-2.16.6.tar.gz - 3176041 bytes 

Is this intentional or just an oversight? If it is intentional and intended to stay, I will adapt the ansible package for opensuse.

I could use the tarball attached to the GitHub release, but that does not even have a SHA256sum, so that is a no go nowadays (xz hrump…).

Kind Regards,

This is mostly intentional, although mostly outside of our control. This change was caused by PEP-625 making it into setuptools v69.3.0

Going forward, it should be consistent with PEP-625, although sometimes changes may be outside of our control.

This seems to be caused by the latest setuptools (History - setuptools 69.5.1.post20240416 documentation, PEP 625 – Filename of a Source Distribution | See New release v2.16.6 by nitzmahone · Pull Request #83045 · ansible/ansible · GitHub.

Thanks for the fast reply!

As it looks like it is going to stay, I’ll adjust the spec file accordingly…

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