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Meeting summary

  1. TOPIC: changing the meeting time (, 15:05:47)
    1. AGREED: we will have the DaWGs meeting one hour later next week to avoid AWX meeting. Please do still vote on the forum for a permanent change (, 15:11:20)
  2. TOPIC: Triage (, 15:12:38)
    1. LINK: (, 15:12:43)
    2. INFO: reviews needed on (, 15:15:23)
  3. TOPIC: Nightly builds and other fun (, 15:17:16)
    1. INFO: we have the ability to turn on nightly docs builds in github now (or soonish). Along with that, we'll have a ping here in matrix to select people if the nightly build fails (, 15:18:30)
    2. INFO: we'd also like to maybe have a hackathon or something to jsut all go in and clean up docs build warnings etc so it's clean. Then we can do something like (, 15:19:06)
  4. TOPIC: adding to the DaWGs agenda (, 15:22:21)
    1. INFO: today you'd have to edit a wiki in the forum if you had something to discuss (or ping us here to add it before the meeting). (, 15:22:43)
    2. INFO: a couple of ideas have surfaced to make this easier. The first one - we could create a forum tag like `dawgs-meeting` and you can create a forum topic for what you want to talk about. (, 15:23:21)
    3. INFO: another idea for agenda items is to create an agenda-bot or something. You would @ the agenda-bot "Let's talk about changing the meeting time" so to speak (, 15:24:38)
    4. AGREED: consensus feels the forum tag is a good idea and also gives us an async discussion option we don't have today (, 15:30:04)
  5. TOPIC: open floor (, 15:30:34)

Meeting ended at 2024-07-02 15:32:57

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