How to improve cross-project contributor experience

Hello, community!

The Ansible ecosystem is made of over 20 projects.
Despite all being part of the same ecosystem their contribution practices and experience vary widely.

Our team have been recently thinking how to provide a well crafted, comprehensive and consistent contributor experience across the majority of the projects to enable contributors to easily be able to land and expand in our ecosystem.

I did some research (went through all the projects) and put conclusions in [Epic] Improve cross-project contributor experience · Issue #416 · ansible-community/community-team · GitHub.

We are now focusing on creating a good docsite template for the projects.

We’d like to ask you for any other ideas on how we can improve the cross-project contributor experience not present in the initiative or for any feedback on the listed ones: maybe they are not worth implementing or could be defined better, or maybe just having comprehensive, similarly structured docs is enough?

All good things we’ll find I hope will materialize in one form or another (like, say, the docsite template), be publicly available, and can be used by any project including community projects.
If you want to take an active part in the initiative implementation, it would be much appreciated!

Any feedback and help is very welcome, thanks!